Silicone Roof Coatings

Silicone Roof Coating Denver, Colorado

Fix your leaking roof with the silicone roof coating service from Colorado Weather Coatings. For prolonging the life of your existing roof, we provide silicone roof coating services. Roof coating is necessary when you have a roof that needs to be repaired, have leaks that need to be stopped, or have expensive items that need to stay dry. Count on Colorado Weather Coatings to keep your business dry with our expertise and products.

A silicone roof coating can solve many problems at once, even though many types of roof coating are available on the market. The coating has been designed for different purposes for decades. Consequently, this is an environmentally friendly, moisture-curing, non-chalking, and strong product.

Why is Silicone Roof Coating Good?

About 10-15 years is the life expectancy of our silicone roof coating. There is no need for a primer in this situation. It only requires one more power wash and coating application after the tenure is finished. After applying the second silicone layer, you can expect the roof to last about another 10-15 years.

Easy Installation Process
Silicone roof coats require only two steps for installation: power washing and coating. Power-washing and spray-applying the coating are the only steps you need to take. Primers are sometimes needed before coating; however, this is rare.

Rather than replacing the core materials, silicone roof coatings are applied straight to your existing roof, which speeds up installation time – frequently 2-3x faster and less labor-intense than a new roofing installation. Since we primarily focus on restoring the roof, we don’t remove any waste, thereby saving you landfill fees. Having the installation done less than three times saves labor, time, and removal fee.

Cooler Roof, Cooler Building
It is estimated that highly reflective silicone roof coatings can reduce your roof’s temperature by up to 50-60 degrees. In the summer, this means your building will be much more comfortable, and your air conditioning system will work much more efficiently.

Why Choose Colorado Weather Coatings for Silicone Roof Coatings

  • Colorado Weather Coatings roofing coating services are available for commercial or non-commercial roofs of any size, any slope, and for any commercial roof type, so there is a guaranteed solution to restoring your roof’s life expectancy.
  • Any existing roofing surface can be protected from ponding water and UV rays with our silicone application.
  • You will save money by using our service, and you will get a timely solution to the roof problem you are experiencing, like leaks.
  • Rather than installing a new roofing system, our silicone coating prolongs the life of your existing roof while keeping it cool and dry.