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A Guide On How To Fix Hail Damage On Commercial Roofs

Many roofing companies are frequently involved in FLAT ROOF REPAIR DENVER COLORADO, but when the issue is beyond repair, flat roof replacement companies will take over. Flat roofs are always subjected to modifications due to hailstorms, and this can be a major issue for any business owner.

It doesn’t make any difference how serious the hailstorm is; even a little storm can influence the watertight reliability of a roofing framework. Hailstorms show no mercy, and if you live in an area prone to hailstorms, then your home or office is exposed to them and damage is inevitable. DENVER COMMERCIAL ROOFING is expensive and can be a hindrance to your normal course of business. This is why you need the BEST ROOFING COMPANIES IN DENVER to assist with fixes for the issues brought about by hailstorms.

Factors that Worsen Hail Damage on Commercial Roofs

Roofing materials

The material utilized for building or repairing a commercial rooftop can be susceptible to harm. Having an aluminum rooftop makes dents a common sight on the roof after hailstorms. Similarly, various other materials respond differently to hailstorms. If your rooftop is made using an asphalt compound, the hailstorms will puncture it within no time.

The Roof’s Age

A rooftop will age profoundly and will degrade over the course of time. What a hailstorm will do is speed up the degradation as harm builds on a roofing framework. The rooftop’s capacity to safeguard your commercial structure will depend on a mix of how old the roof is and the harm that a hailstorm will cause.

The size and density of the hailstones

Do you want to know what a hailstorm feels like on your rooftop? It could be compared to stomping a 10lb demolition hammer to beat on your roof. No roofing framework is made to endure that kind of beating, and it will surrender to the force of the hailstones and thickness of the stones within no time. One thing to remember about hailstones is that they have barbed little edges. That can be the most terrible thing for a TPO or EPDM system because it will endure punctures, allowing water to come in.


The wind during a hailstorm will only enhance the damage. Once the hail is powered by the speed and intensity of the wind, it can do some heavy damage to the roof.


Barriers can be a good ally during hailstorms. Barriers like trees and overhangs can restrict possible harm to your commercial roofing framework as they will retain the brunt of the power of hailstones.

What to Know About Hail Damage on Commercial Roofs

Indications of hail damage

Harmless drains will show the effect of a hailstorm, and you probably won’t know about it except if you get on a stepping stool and take a look. Huge marks will be the signs you are searching for after a hailstorm. However, remember, little scarred spaces can also mean that the drain has been harmed by hail.

Harmed siding and windowsills will uncover hail damage, and it seems to be this: marks and dings that were absent before the storm are hail damage pointers. Search for piercings in the metal windowsills and siding; they will be passage focuses for water to get in. Would it be advisable for you to disregard to fix them?

After a serious hailstorm, damage to the ACs and outdoor furniture will appear. They will be seen as disfigured, grinding on the AC, pocking on deck furniture. If you see your AC with dents in the plating, call your insurance agency and make a case.

Damage to decks and painted wood surfaces will be obvious when you review them from the outside. Painted surfaces and decks will seem to have a polka-dotted pattern as the paint where the hailstones have hit will be taken out from that spot. It is better to have a ROOF COATING DENVER service number in hand.

Remember to check the rooftop vents and different highlights, similar to a bay window, for harm. The metal vents will show a downturn where the hailstones have had an effect, and your bay window will show breaks if the hailstorm has been very serious. When the vent is gouged, it can form a break-another passage point for water, like a broken bay window.

What to be mindful of during a hailstorm

A hail storm has blown through your region, and the difficult work starts. You should survey the harm that has been done to decide your next strategy. Exceptional harm will require experts to remediate the issues your rooftop and auxiliary things have maintained. Here is a portion of what to be on the lookout for while considering the harm the hailstorm has created on your property.

Circular dents are normal after a hailstorm, and they show up consistently across the whole roofing structure. Likewise, if the storm has had a heavy impact on the rooftop, circular dents will be present there. It is no different for composite, wood, and metal rooftops.

Missing shingles are one more component of hail storms’ harm to a roofing framework. It begins with high winds that are essential for a hailstorm. The breeze will loosen a shingle’s grasp, pulling up the nails that fasten the shingle to the rooftop, and the hailstone will knock the shingle or completely off the rooftop.

Want to see a black-eyed roof? Well, the staining or color streaking of the shingles is identical to the hailstorm giving your rooftop a bruised eye. The colours can run the range from dark to red, yellow, and white. Harm is inconsistent, and so is the discoloration of the shingles on the rooftop.

Rooftop Harm Requiring Emergency Repair

After a hailstorm, you will know when you want a crisis fix. The signs you see will lead you to call a Denver roofer immediately. An exhaustive investigation will bring out all the details you require to begin repairs. As referenced above, commercial roofing frameworks can break or be split, and that is when water will enter. However, the crack may not be visible to the naked eye in all cases.

You might think everything is great and get on with your life, but when you spot water stains on the roof, walls, or puddles on the floor after the next rainstorm, That ought to let you know all you want to be aware of and type “roof repair near me” on Google. To be safe, after a hailstorm, have a roofing contractor come in for a complete review. He will see what you don’t, and fix any additional issues.

The Importance of Proper Repairs

Remember, if you don’t see rooftop damage after a hailstorm, it doesn’t mean there is no damage. It takes years of experience to recognize issues, no matter how small they are. The issues will develop and cause weakening of your roofing framework. Flooding, mold, microscopic organisms, and different issues will creep up when roofing issues are underestimated and the expenses become galactic. It isn’t simply the maintenance costs; it is the business loss you face if you don’t hire a roof company in Colorado immediately after a hailstorm.