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What Are The Benefits Of Using Foam Roofing For Commercial Properties?

It might be an afterthought for most businesses, but the roof on your commercial property is one of the most important pieces of where you do business. Getting the right roofing system in place can offer a lot of benefits – particularly with all of those sunny days and ever-changing weather systems that go along with the Colorado climate.

One of the best options to extend the lifespan and get energy savings from your roof is to utilize spray foam roof. It’ll help the roof look better, too. There are a number of options for these roofs, and it can be used to enhance any flat, asphalt, EPDM, metal, or TPO roof. Getting a foam roof in Denver will be a lasting decision that will offer advantages you never thought of.

Cost Savings Through Energy Efficiency

Foam roofing is an excellent insulator, because it reduces the transfer of heat by covering your roof consistently across the whole surface. It’s also generally bright in color, which reflects the heat from the sun instead of absorbing it. Between the insulation and the reflective nature of the surface, it leads to lower heating and cooling costs. That not only keeps your utility bills in check – keeping more money in your business – but it also lends to a smaller carbon footprint.

Because it’s a foam that covers the entire surface area, it creates a seamless layer across the whole roof. That means no more joints and seams that can cause leaks, since those are one of the most common sources that allows water to infiltrate other roofing systems. This helps even in extreme weather conditions, because the structure of the foam can hold up to just about anything thrown its way.

Durability, Versatility & Easy Maintenance

When properly installed and maintained, these roofs have extreme durability. One spray foam roof can usually last for more than two decades, because it is resistant to other common roofing issues like cracking and peeling. It’s sprayed on, making application easy to numerous roof shapes, styles, and surfaces – including flat and roofs with a low slope. You also don’t have to worry about the vents and other equipment on the roof, because the foam can seal around them – maintaining all of their effectiveness.

Foam roofs are also easier to take care of because the maintenance required is minimal. It needs regular inspections to make sure there isn’t any damage, but repairs are very simple. Generally, the only repairs these types of roofs need is the occasional recoating to keep it in good condition. Also, since the foam creates a consistent layer across the entire roof, even the most extensive repairs tend to be very cost effective ad straightforward.

There are a lot of different ways to protect your commercial roof, but spray foam roofing has become a popular option because of the cost savings and other benefits it presents. For more information on spray foam roofing, and how it may work for your business, reach out to the experts at Colorado Weather Coatings today.